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Testimonials from Former Students

“Looking back, Carden offered me a very unique and advantageous schooling system not offered anywhere else. Small classroom sizes allow teachers to interact with the students and provide a growing environment. The Carden spelling method and grammar curriculum is leagues ahead of other public and private schools.
If one is looking for a safe and harboring environment, with excellent academics and superb learning environment, I would highly recommend Carden Whittier Private School.”

--Daniel Halford, Carden, Class of 2006; Stanford University, Class of 2014

"A great deal of my academic success stems from the foundation that was built during my time at Carden School Whittier. Having attended Carden from kindergarten through 8th grade, the school prepared me both academically and socially. The diversity of classes, the Carden method, and the wonderful faculty enabled me to succeed both at the high school and collegiate levels. Following graduation from Carden, I felt that I was well prepared to take on the challenges of a rigorous curriculum at Troy High School as well as the Biological Science program at UC Irvine. The experienced and caring faculty helped foster learning and equipped me with the tools needed to succeed during high school and beyond. From my learning experiences in the classroom and on field trips to involvement in sports and campus activities, I feel Carden played an integral role in my academic career. I graduated from Troy High School in 2010. In 2014, I earned a Bachelor of Science degree at UC Irvine. In the fall of 2015 I will begin graduate school at USC, pursuing a Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy."

--Donnie Wong, Carden, Class of 2006; UC Irvine, Class of 2014

Carden has definitely set the foundation of time management that I was able to carry through my years of schooling and work. After graduating Cerritos High School in 2011, I was able to maximize my time in college and receive my B.A. in psychology at UCLA in three years. Currently, I am interning full time at Disney and am in the Masters program at USC for communication management.

My success would not have been possible without Carden. With the small classroom sizes and the rich curriculum, the teachers really focused on each individual student. I grew a lot as an independent individual during my time at Carden, and have implemented the lessons and morals throughout my life. After being at Carden from Kindergarten to the 8th grade, I can say that my time spent at Carden has been very beneficial to my education and life goals.

--Celine Linarte, Carden, Class of 2007; UCLA, Class of 2014