School building and American Flag
"I want children to learn and to enjoy learning. Life is a joy, so should be learning." – Mae Carden



“Carden provided my children with an excellent foundation for their academic future and time management skills that are necessary for their ongoing success. It was a positive motivational experience. Carden also emphasized respect for authority. It definitely prepared them for the future.”
– Mrs. Stacey Wong – Attorney

“The Carden Method and curriculum have benefited our children greatly. It has instilled the high ideals of belief in the value of hard work, a strong sense of responsibility, a willingness to keep trying until success is achieved, and respect for others. Our son who graduated from Carden School of Whittier was well prepared for a very rigorous high school program.”
– Jill Evans

“Carden School not only prepared my children for high school but for every day life. They learned to be responsible for themselves and the program gave them the tools they needed for college and employment. They also developed friendships that will stay with them for years to come.”
– Joanne Ashley

“Carden School has provided the foundation for the academic success of my two sons. Their curriculum promotes a well-rounded child – from science to music, from math to the language arts.”
– Martha Escutia – Former State Senator

“The discipline at Carden School has helped my children become their better selves. It is also apparent to see that education is the goal at Carden”.
– Mr. Patel

I have three boys currently attending Carden. I absolutely love the tradition, respect and self-control the Carden Method teaches. They are learning basic respect of others, social values, morals and ethics, and tradition. They don't have to fight for their teachers attention with small class sizes and they are kept in a sort of "bubble" of innocence until 8th that is priceless to me!
– Melissa Lopez-Chavez

I have 3 kids at Carden. We fell in love with the school from the very beginning. The teachers are so caring, and they are truly able to pull from the child's strengths. I was at first very impressed with traditions that the school is based upon the Carden Method. I have come to realize in speaking with parents from other schools, that children at Carden are 1 grade level ahead. I feel very blessed to have found Carden.
–Celeste Samanta

My son goes to Carden and I cannot say enough positive things about this school. I am so grateful of the curriculum and all the teachers who care for the quality of education and well being of our children. If you are looking for an exceptional education you should consider Carden. This school is full of gifted children with great morals, standards, and great intellect. The teachers are wonderful and have our children's success at heart!
–Shannon Bullard

“Carden has built confidence in both of my children. Their extensive academic program enables the children to expand their vocabulary among many other benefits. It also allows them to be well-rounded individuals. Carden’s respectful environment has been beneficial for them when dealing with adults.”
– Mrs. Nolin – Teacher