group of students standing together outside a court room

Mock Trial Program

Since the fall of 2002, Carden School Whittier has participated every year in the Los Angeles County Mock Trial program. Seventh and eighth graders who participate in this program are provided with a unique opportunity to learn first-hand about the inner-workings of the American criminal justice system. Carden Mock Trial teams have competed with as many as forty-plus other junior high schools in presenting a mock trial case in an actual courtroom. The case materials focus on a constitutional right issue as it relates to the prosecution and defense of a criminal case. Our Carden Mock Trial teams have successfully proceeded to the quarterfinal round several times and our students have won numerous individual awards for their outstanding and honorable mention performances as attorneys, witnesses, bailiffs, court clerks, courtroom artists, and courtroom journalists. Our students who participate in this hands-on educational experience benefit tremendously as they are afforded the opportunity to develop their analytical, critical thinking, and writing skills, in addition to public speaking and acting skills; resulting in increased self-confidence, and the ability to work as a team member.
Having had the pleasure of being the attorney coach for our Carden Mock Trial teams since 2002, I have seen the popularity of this program grow each year and I have observed the personal growth of many of our students. This worthwhile program has sparked the interest of Carden graduates to join high school mock trial teams, debate teams, become student government leaders, and to even become attorneys.

Stacey Wong
Carden School Whittier
Mock Trial Team, Attorney Coach

For more information on the Mock Trial Program, visit the Constitutional Rights Foundation website.