Success in school life and, I dare say in life, requires self-control, awareness of the rights of others, fair play, and a willingness to be taught."
--Mae Carden

group of international students standing with teachers

International Enrollment

Carden Whittier offers a strong academic program while providing a variety of resource classes such as Art, Music, Computers, French, Spanish, Yearbook, Dance and a wide range of athletics. Many of our graduates go on to attend Advanced Placement classes in private and public high schools. We provide an atmosphere of security and confidence for the students while helping them realize that living is a joy and so should be learning.

Annual Tuition: $7,900.00

Student processing fee: $500.00

Additional fees may occur for sports, lunches, choir, yearbook, field trips, special programs, etc.

Enrollment Process

The following information must be received as soon as possible for approval:

1. Complete the application form and submit along with a non-refundable fee of $500.00, U.S. dollars. Please prepare a student profile with general information about the student.

2. Submit an assessment of English comprehension from the English teacher.
We need the applicant's grades from the past two years and current grades, translated into the U.S. grading system.

3. A photograph of the applicant is needed.

4. A copy of the the current passport with all pertinent information such as name, date of birth, country of origin, and other necessary information is required. The passport must be valid for the school year and six months beyond. We do offer a Summer Program, as well.

5. Birth Certificate (Translated & Certified). Must include student name, birth date, and birth place. Name on Birth Certificate must match name on passport.

6. International students are to have an F-1 student visa. This is necessary to enter the United States and to attend Carden Whittier School. You will need to make an appointment with the U.S. Embassy or consulate. They will charge a $200.00 fee for the process. This should be done as soon as possible as the process can take some time.

7. Proof of income such as tax returns, and current bank account statements are required.

8. Students will be required to take a placement test before being admitted to Carden Whittier.

9. Immunization Record

Additional Information

Once the application forms and deposit have been received, withdrawals would have to be made in writing. If the student has begun classes, the yearly tuition would not be refundable, unless the student has been denied the F-1 visa for a specific reason. We would need a letter from the U.S. Embassy or Consulate indicating the reason for denial.

The parent or guardian will have to provide for living accommodations and submit the name and address of the residence.

Please be aware that the information in this document could change or be adjusted, however, we will do our best to keep it current. If you have any questions regarding enrollment of an International student please call or e-mail us.

Mrs. Gindi or Mrs. Munnerlyn at our school office 562-694-1879 or e-mail at: or

Please submit your application packet to:

Carden Whittier School 11537 Grovedale Dr. Whittier, California 90604